Anita Shelton

Birth Preparation

Beginning at 36 weeks gestation, the focus of acupuncture treatments shifts to include preparing your body for labor and / or delivery.  These weekly treatments soften ligaments, ripen the cervix, optimize alignment of your pelvis and tailbone, calm the baby, and help baby get or stay in the right position.  We also treat the numerous aches and pains most women have at this stage, as well as the anxiety and sleep problems which are also common.  During this time I begin instructing you and / or your support people on the location of acupressure points to be used to bring on labor, facilitate lactation and promote postpartum recovery.  Nutritional choices to balance your individual constitution are covered for the perinatal and postpartum time.  It is beneficial to get treatment even if you know that you will be having a C-section.  Acupuncture treatment and balanced nutrition can minimize bleeding, help your milk come in on time, and help you have a healthier and faster recovery.