Anita Shelton


Acupuncture for Fertility

 Experiencing infertility is the most stressful thing I’ve ever been through.  Anita believed in my ability to conceive and carry a pregnancy to term.  My husband was skeptical, but after my ice cold feet started warming up and I stopped needing to have the heat on constantly even he saw it was changing my health for the better.   We conceived after our second IVF cycle and had a healthy full term pregnancy with a beautiful boy.  I followed Anita’s suggestions for postpartum nutrition and I recovered more quickly than any of the women in my childbirth class, even though I was the oldest mom.  We were getting ready to go back to Anita to prepare for our second pregnancy when I conceived my daughter without any fertility treatment. 


 I was 35 and trying to get pregnant by IVF when a co-worker referred me to Anita after her successful fertility acupuncture treatment.  I have endometriosis and was really discouraged.  Acupuncture helped with my stress, digestion, and sleep.  I noticed that my skin began to clear up and my periods became more regular and less painful.  We ended up moving out of state before I got pregnant but I absolutely know that the transformations that began while I was getting acupuncture with Anita are the reason I recently gave birth to a healthy baby girl. - Jennifer

 The first fertility acupuncturist I went to was very negative about my prospects because I was 40.  I went to Anita, took the herbs she suggested and made some dietary changes.  I conceived after only few weeks of trying.  Four years later we wanted to have a second baby and I went to Anita for a few months before I conceived.  When I had spotting during my first trimester she gave me treatment that stopped the bleeding and I went on to deliver my second child shortly after I turned 45. - Tracy

Acupuncture for Labor

 I was 41.5 weeks pregnant and had an induction scheduled for 7 in the morning on Weds.  My doula told me about Anita, who fit us in to an 8 AM appt Tuesday morning.  It was the first time I had had acupuncture and I got completely relaxed during the session by the sounds of the tuning forks and bowls.  While I was resting, Anita explained to my husband that my body was too cold to go in to labor.  She showed my husband how to do Moxa on acupressure points and sent us home with a whole box of Moxa which we used according to instructions.  My labor started at 4 in the morning on Wednesday, 3 hours before the induction, and we had natural childbirth of our beautiful baby girl 11 hours later.   - Sarah and John 

 I had to be induced for my first birth which ended up being over 30 hours long because my labor kept stopping and starting.  I planned to have Labor Prep acupuncture before my second birth, but never got around to it because of caring for my very active toddler.  My water broke when I was 39.3 weeks and nothing was working to get labor started so my midwife suggested we go to Anita for acupuncture.  Anita did an intake and said that issues around my first labor were the result of scar tissue from a previous surgery in my low back.  She did acupuncture to promote labor and treated the scar.  I went into labor early the next morning.  My contractions were very efficient, the labor never stopped and my second baby was born after only 7 hours of labor.  - Annette

 I had a high risk pregnancy because of Gestational Diabetes and I also had terrible pain in the hip.  After starting acupuncture at 36 weeks I never had another elevated glucose reading and my the hip pain went away enough for me to exercise comfortably until I went into labor. - Anna

 My OB referred me to Anita because I was uncomfortable with edema and round ligament pain at 38 weeks.  The round ligament pain cleared up after one appointment and the edema also improved.  I went into labor spontaneously during my 41st week. - Carolyn

I went to Anita because I hoped to have a VBAC after I was induced for dates with my first daughter and ended up having a c-section because of failure to progress.  I was very anxious about having a second c-section.  Anita was a great listener and a really good support.  I felt deeply relaxed during acupuncture and the relaxation carried me through the whole week.  I know that the acupuncture I had helped me go in to labor spontaneously at 41.5 weeks.  I did end up needing a second c-section because of a medical condition that was undetected during my first delivery but I feel much better about the experience and that my second child did not need to be induced. - Kristina  

Acupuncture for Musculoskeletal Conditions

 I had excruciating eye pain after the car accident I was in and nothing could get it to go away.  My osteopath referred me to Anita who treated me with acupuncture and herbs.  The pain was completely gone by the second treatment.  

 I have a lot of pain from Fibromyalgia and I have to exercise every day to stay pain free.  My osteopath referred me to Anita after I was in a car accident.  After the first treatment I felt better than I had felt before the accident!  I needed to keep going to deal with the injury but I made a great recovery and feel stronger and less pain than I was in before the car accident.

 I have degenerative joint disease.  I go to Anita every two weeks for treatment that helps me stay flexible and really keeps my pain under control.  

I've been going to my wonderful acupuncturist and massage therapist, Anita Shelton, for decades.  She has helped me with so many things, but the most amazing has been how she cured my neuropathy.  I began having numbness in my feet and Anita tried acupuncture, moxa and tuning forks to treat it.  We got the best results with the tuning forks.  I would go to see her once a month or so for different conditions and at the end of each visit she always treats my feet.  After years of this I realized my feet were no longer numb.  My neurologist said he had never heard of anything like this.  I was completely cured!  Dee dee Rainbow aka The Rainbow Lady

 Infant Bodywork

Anita worked on our newborn when he was 6 days old.  I was only able to nurse with a nipple shield and my son was fussy and not able to latch well.  He spent most of his time looking to his right side.  We noticed improved latch after the first treatment.  By the fourth treatment I was off the nipple shield, Ezra was latching and nursing well, and he was able to turn his head easily from side to side.  He rarely fusses and we are sure the bodywork is what helped him. - Liza

My son had torticollis and reflux when I first took him to Anita when he was 4 months old.  He was a very unhappy baby.  He spent most of his time screaming.  At this time I was not able to breastfeed him; I was pumping to give him breastmilk with a bottle.  He wailed for an entire 30 minutes during his first appointment with Anita.  After the first appointment I noticed that he didn’t necessarily cry less, but he did spend more time being happy and he slept much better.  By his 4th treatment he was a completely different baby, happy and gurgling, with complete range of motion.  We also took him off the meds for his reflux.  The progress has remained until now, when he is 7 months old.  It was too late to get him to breastfeed and I only wish we had heard of Anita when he was a newborn. - Marlys

Our baby daughter fussed constantly her first days of life.  She would get so frustrated.  She couldn't open her mouth well enough to latch well.  After one bodywork session her latch improved and I was able to nurse her without pain. - Antjeh